Peter Triezenberg
Etrian Mystery Dungeon Runemaster Class Detailed
Also, learn more about the mysterious D.O.E.s. They're like F.O.E.s, with a twist!
01.31.15 - 5:12 PM

Are you the kind of person to rain fiery destruction upon your enemies while being well outside of their reach? If so, you may be interested in trying out Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Runemaster class. Atlus advises bringing a Protector along to back them up, for they can't take much of a beating in close-quarters combat. Watch the trailer below for a glimpse of the Runemaster's power.

While we're on the subject of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, there's also some information about the new D.O.E. enemies and how they will be incorporated into the game as part of its "Fortress & Defense Party" system. D.O.E.s will make a break for the upper portions of a dungeon in an effort to reach the town above. Should they reach it, the ensuing destruction will cause that town to be temporarily unusable, so it is in the player's best interest to keep the town safe from any D.O.E. that would dare attack it. Both the D.O.E. system and the Fortress & Defense party also have new trailers, which can be viewed below.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be released in North America on April 7th. No European release has been announced.