Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy XV Director Talks Episode Duscae, Summons, and Airships
Hajime Tabata sheds some light on what fans can expect in the FFXV demo.
01.24.15 - 7:05 PM

Final Fantasy fans are no doubt curious as to what will be featured in the upcoming Episode Duscae demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, and director Hajime Tabata has responded with a few clarifications and new pieces of information.

First of all, Tabata clarified what portion of Final Fantasy XV would be playable in Episode Duscae, something that has changed since the demo was first announced. The demo is focused on a part of the game where the party doesn't have access to their car. The point of this, Tabata says, is to allow players to get a feel for the battle system and exploring this portion of the game world on foot. Aspects of the battle system, such as magic and summons are still being fine-tuned, and won't be present in the demo. Tabata did mention the new cover system, an aspect of Final Fantasy XV's combat he compared to the mechanics of The 3rd Birthday, where switching quickly with other characters and taking cover in the environment plays an important role in battle.

There will be approximately two hours of content in the demo, with lots of opportunities to explore and battle monsters, while the main story will be "masked" within the demo so as to prevent spoilers. Speaking of spoilers, the mysterious female mechanic Cidney (or Cindy, depending on who you ask) will be present in Episode Duscae. Tabata says that playing the demo will confirm whether or not she is Final Fantasy XV's incarnation of "Cid".

We mentioned earlier that summons wouldn't be present in the demo, but Tabata has stated that they will play an important role in the story of the final game. Summons in Final Fantasy XV, according to Tabata, serve as "protectors of the planet" that defend the world from annihilation. On the subject of airships, Tabata said that he knew fans were anticipating them, but their inclusion was yet to be determined, due to the technical difficulties of implementing them into the large connected world they have envisioned for Final Fantasy XV. Tabata also brought up dungeons, stating that Final Fantasy XV's dungeons will convey a sense of "strangeness," where "something that shouldn't necessarily be there in real life is existing."

As a final note, Tabata mentioned the possibility of other Final Fantasy XV demos aside from Episode Duscae, which will be released alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and available to those who purchase first-print copies of the game. Tabata says that he wants people who may not be able to access Episode Duscae to have an opportunity to experience Final Fantasy XV themselves before release, but didn't have anything more to say at this time.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we'll keep you posted as we find out more!