Peter Triezenberg
Xenoblade Chronicles X Localization Underway
Tweet from developer confirms localization is in progress.
01.19.15 - 6:30 PM

Xenoblade Chronicles X is well on its way to release, if the deluge of new media is anything to go by, and now we have word that localization is officially underway via the game's official Twitter account. The relevant Tweet has been quoted below, translated by our very own illustrious editor/demi-human Stephen Meyerink.

"It has been about 5 years from Xenoblade Chronicles' release, and players have ended up waiting a long time... but to be honest, it has been very long for us developers, too. Furthermore, work on the localization is also in the midst of making great progress."

This is exciting news! Xenoblade Chronicles X will debut in Japan on April 29th, and is slated to arrive later this year in other territories.