Peter Triezenberg
Xenoblade Chronicles X Release Date & New Trailer, New 3DS Xenoblade Details
I'm really feeling it (the excitement, that is)!
01.15.15 - 12:13 AM

Remember when people had to petition Nintendo to get Xenoblade Chronicles outside of Japan? It would seem that those days are, thankfully, behind us, as this morning's Nintendo Direct not only showed a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X, it also confirmed that the game would be released in 2015 and even gave a solid release date for Japan — April 29th!

Give it a look below!

In addition, we also learned some new details about the upcoming 3DS version of the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Character stats and maps will be displayed on the bottom screen, and as previously mentioned, will be exclusive to the New 3DS, as the older models do not have powerful enough CPUs to run the game. Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS will be available in Japan on April 2nd, and will be released elsewhere at another, unspecified date in April.

Looks like April is to be the month of Xenoblade . Keep an eye on RPGFan for more updates about these highly anticipated games!