Peter Triezenberg
Dress Up as Cecil, Bartz, and Lightning in Final Fantasy Explorers
Not only can you transform into iconic Final Fantasy characters, you can also nick their outfits!
01.13.15 - 5:52 AM

Final Fantasy Explorers, which recently came out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, is getting some new pieces of DLC. On top of a pair of free new quests called Dragon's Soul and Ultimate Battle respectively, there are also some new character costumes which can be purchased for 150 yen apiece.

The new costumes allow your character to dress up as Lightning (resembling her Final Fantasy XIII self and wielding her signature gunblade, Blazefire Saber), Cecil (in his paladin form, wielding a Holy Sword), and Bartz (resembling his Dissidia incarnation and wielding the Brave Blade).