Mike Salbato
Games of the Year 2014 Awards
It's time again to honor this year's best. In a year with so many strong contenders, what comes out on top?
01.08.15 - 8:40 PM

RPGFan's annual Games of the Year feature is one of the biggest that we run. Especially in a strong year like 2014, narrowing down our choices can sometimes be easy, and sometimes cause more than a few spirited debates behind the scenes.

But now that the bloodshed is over and we pick up the shattered pieces of our lives, we're pleased to present our Games of the Year 2014 awards!

Once again, we awarded games categorically by genre, but we also offer up kudos to the titles we felt featured the best visuals, sound, and so on. This year, we wanted to give recognition to well-crafted characters, as they're one of the biggest driving forces behind why we all love this genre of ours. So joining another new category of Hybrid RPG, you'll see three new character-focused awards. And, of course, you'll also see the individual top games lists from a dozen RPGFan editors, as well as the results of the Readers' Choice poll!

You have a lot to dig into, so go forth, and share your feedback with us on the forums!