Peter Triezenberg
Alphadia Genesis For Steam Gets Release Date
More Kemco?
01.06.15 - 9:07 PM

It was recently announced that Kemco's Alphadia Genesis would be coming to Steam, and we now have some new details... well, a new detail, which is the Steam version's release date!

Alphadia Genesis is a Japanese Role-Playing Game that features a unique blend of 16-bit environments and character models outside of combat, and 3-D polygonal models during battle. Jonathan Nevill, the project manager of Marvelous Games, says that "we canít wait for the Steam Community to get their hands on Alphadia Genesis. Itís a great game for JRPG enthusiasts to get stuck into. Good luck to those that aim to 100% the game content, and reach the TRUE ending! Pro-tip: Be prepared!"

Well, you heard the man. Make sure you're prepared when Alphadia Genesis launches with an 'introductory price' of $11.99 US for Steam on January 12th. You can get prepped by taking a look at its Steam page here.