Peter Triezenberg
New Characters And Plot Synopsis For Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Do I get a complimentary box of Lucky Charms if I join the Shamrock guild?
12.30.14 - 8:44 PM

Kirito will make some new friends, and enemies, in the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita action RPG Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Bandai Namco has provided a closer look at both the game's plot and some new characters that will be introduced to the world of Alfheim Online. You can watch a new trailer and read some more in-depth descriptions below!

Having arrived at the floating city of Line, Kirito and the other members of his party encounter a guild by the name of "Shamrock" as they go about clearing a set of new quests that have gone online. As a guild composed of veteran players across myriad races, in the world of Alfheim Online, Shamrock is a guild that people can't help but notice.

Arguably the most conspicuous of Shamrock's members is Professor Sharvin Nanairo, who's in reality a petite girl. Nevertheless, her looks are deceiving. An alumni of MIT, she's appeared in the news a lot in recent times as genius girl wonder scientist and is conducting research on virtual societies formed within networks. Put simply, if Akihiko Kayaba, also known as Heathcliff, is the darkness belying the world of Alfheim Online, then Rainbow Arshavin is its light.

Indeed, it's by meeting her that Kirito and company's next great adventure is put into motion. Who's to say what impact the genius scientist will have on their lives after everything is said and done?

The first of the new characters is Seven, who is the online avatar of the aforementioned Professor Sharvin Nanairo. She is the leader of Shamrock and resembles her real-world counterpart.

Rein is the second new character. She's a Leprechaun who, being extremely proficient with Hide skills, has developed a habit of following Kirito and his party around. It appears that there may be more to her story than meets the eye...

Last, but not least, we have Sumeragi, an Undine swordsman who also serves as Seven's bodyguard. As you can see in the previous trailer, he and Kirito appear to be exchanging blows. What gives?

Some new basic gameplay details were also revealed. Sword Art Online: Lost Song will feature online multiplayer, where up to 16 players can meet up via lobby and then embark on quests in parties of 4, with tougher quests yielding better rewards. The combat seems reminiscent of this years Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, with the addition of magic inherent to the Alfheim Online setting. A list of basic actions can be found below.

  • Standard Attack: A basic attack useful for combos. You can connect these to strong attacks and sword skills.

  • Strong Attack: A more powerful attack. When used in combination with standard attacks, you can link them with sword skills.

  • Step: A step action that consumes stamina used to jump left, right, back, or forth to avoid enemy attacks.

  • Jump: A jump to reach enemies that might be a little higher than you. Mainly useful in dungeons.

  • Sheathed Sword and Drawn Sword: When your sword is sheathed, you can use magic, but when your sword is drawn, you can attack with your weapon.

  • Guard: An action to block enemy attacks. However, guards can be broken if the player takes too many hits.

  • Dash: A dash attack that consumes stamina. When you're flying, this increases the speed of your flight.

  • Use of Skills: Skills are available for use with your basic attacks and steps. When you're using a sword, you can use sword skills for sword-based magic attacks.

  • Switch: During the middle of your attack, you can initiate a "Switch." This is possible both on the ground and in the air, and changes the opponent's target from you to whoever you switch with.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song comes out in Japan on March 26.