Peter Triezenberg
Latest Etrian Mystery Dungeon Trailers Show New Classes and Enemies
What awaits in these mysterious dungeons? We've got ya covered.
12.22.14 - 12:18 AM

There's been a lot of recent information regarding Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the upcoming collaboration between Atlus and Spike Chunsoft, that showcases various gameplay elements both new and old.

First, we have some brief videos focused on returning classes from the Etrian Odyssey series, including the damage-dealing Landsknecht, tank-like Protector, magic-using Runemaster, and, last but certainly not least, the Medic.

There's also a new trailer that covers the available character classes, including the new Furai class (which seems quite reminiscent of Shiren the Wanderer). Also included is our first glimpse of the new D.O.E. enemies, special enemies in the vein of Etrian's iconic F.O.E.s, although they are evidently not, strictly speaking, the same thing.

Finally, you can find some brand new artwork in our freshly updated gallery! Etrian Mystery Dungeon is due for release in North America in spring of 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.