Mike Salbato
Rhythm Encounter 19 - String Quartet: An Interview with Taylor Davis
We sit down with Taylor for a one on one on one on one discussion about her music and upcoming original album.
12.10.14 - 10:44 PM

Tonight we have a special interview episode of Rhythm Encounter for you, featuring the lovely and talented Taylor Davis, whom, if you don't know her from her YouTube channel... well, you should. Taylor is a violinist who plays a wide range of music, with a heavy emphasis on video game, movie, and anime scores. She's currently working on her debut album of all original songs (one of which you'll hear in this episode), but made time in her busy schedule to chat with us about her work, the album, and everything in between.

I also should clarify that the official episode description below was written by our lovely and outspoken co-host Caitlin, who can never resist taunting me for being a megafan of Taylor. Not that what she says is at all incorrect...

Finally, the links in the tracklist below will take you to either Taylor's website or her Loudr page where you can hear and buy all of the songs you hear and so many more. Enjoy!

Rhythm Encounter Episode 19 - String Quartet: An Interview with Taylor Davis

Surprise, podcast listeners! Bet you thought we were done with interviews for the year. Well, Mike still needed to get his fanboy on, so we got ahold of one of his favorite musicians, the talented violinist Taylor Davis. Tune in as we find out how Taylor got her start, how she develops her music, and — most importantly — what her favorite RPG soundtrack is. We also listen to some of Taylor's beautiful arrangements and original pieces, so make sure your ears can handle all the awesome. Check out the full tracklist and links to reviews/places to buy here.

Featuring: Stephen Meyerink, Caitlin Argyros, Mike Salbato, Taylor Davis

0:00 - Cosmo Canyon (From "Final Fantasy VII") / The Anime and Game Collection
15:27 - The Last of Us Theme / The Anime and Game Collection
36:45 - Awakening / Awakening
47:58 - Dragon Roost Island / Melodies of Hyrule: Music from The Legend of Zelda