Andrew Barker & Jeremy Harnage
A New City is Revealed For Bravely Second
Jump inside to learn more about Agnes and the new Luxendarc.
07.28.14 - 9:47 PM

An update to Bravely Second's official website brings with it some new details about Agnès and the world of Luxendarc, where it seems great changes are taking place. As we reported the other day, Agnès is an important figure politically and religiously since her triumph in the events of the first Bravely Default game. She has even become Pope of the Orthodoxy church.

Agnès traveled the world with her allies in years past, overcoming numerous troubles and ultimately driving back the Great Void that brough Luxendarc to the brink of calamity. In the wake of the decade-long Passion Period, she miraculously puts the then-collapsing Crystal Orthodoxy back together, ultimately becoming the only fourth pope the Orthodoxy has ever seen and the first to rise to such a position in centuries. Not only is she on friendly terms with many important players, but she also enjoys a massive popularity with the common people and has put her heart and soul into realizing lasting peace between the Orthodoxy and Eternia. However, when the time comes for the peace treaty ceremony, she ends up getting kidnapped.

We've also got a better look at new heroine Magnolia Arch in four of her job classes (Valkyrie, Performer, Time Mage, Red Mage). These, as far as we know so far, seem to function just as they did in the previous title.

The website has also revealed a new city known as Gathlatio, which sits as the entrance to the highway between the Temple of Earth and the Holy Land. It is a prosperous city, and home to the Orthodoxy Knights, who had previously been dismantled during Eterina's reign of power. It is also the site of the signing of the peace treaty, prior to Agnès' previously mentioned abduction when the game begins.

Bravely Second is in development for Nintendo 3DS.