Andrew Barker
Learn More About Tales of Zestiria's Map Actions in New Screens
I'm Sorey to tell you there's also more on character names.
07.25.14 - 6:30 PM

Yesterday, we reported on the official English spellings of names found in Tales of Zestiria's main party, as shown in Dengeki PlayStation Magazine. Bandai Namco have now updated their official website and, fortunately, "Arisha" will actually be spelled "Alisha." I'm sorry to notify you all that the main protagonist is still known as "Sorey."

Above, we now know that the Blue Valkyrie (left) named is officially spelled Maltran, and the gentleman to her right is Bartlow, who takes care of internal affairs in Highland. In regards to the story, we now know that while Sorey as the Monk/Priest should bring hope to the people, they are actually fearful of his immense power.

If you missed our last report on Map Actions, they're special abilities that allow you to interact with the environment in the field, usually to access new areas. In the new screenshots, we can see many of these in action, and that they're associated with particular party members.

Sorey can use his sword to cut through branches, he can use Lailah's fire magic to set objects alight, he can use Mikleo's water to hide from enemies, Edna's power to break boulders, and Dezel's power of wind to jump gaps.

Finally, it seems that, at least in some situations, one of your party members will be visible alongside the character you control in the field. Take a look:

And, of course, you can find even more new screenshots, including some from animated cutscenes, in our updated gallery.

Tales of Zestiria is still in development for PlayStation 3.