Andrew Barker
Learn More about Shining Resonance's Combat Systems
Execute magic, chain combos, and transform into a dragon!
07.04.14 - 10:05 PM

Last time, we brought you images showing the human form of Shining Dragon Irvan (known as Yuma Irvan). Today, we have some new screens showing how Shining Resonance's battle system works.

By colliding with an enemy, combat begins on the field in a seamless manner. You control only one party member at a time, but are able to direct others with simple commands. Of course, they are also controlled by the AI. Each character has their own unique attacks and abilities, and they can be chained together to unleash combos.

Of the various characters in your party, some are known as "Dragners." These magical weapon specialists are capable of using elemental powers to attack, as seen in the screenshots above.

Finally, as you likely already know, Yuma can transform into a dragon while in battle. This brings a host of new abilities and powers, but if he stays in that form for too long, he runs the risk of going berserk.

Shining Resonance is due out on September 11th in Japan on PlayStation 3. And make sure to check out all the screens in our new gallery!