Jeremy Harnage
More Final Fantasy Explorers Details
Information keeps coming in and we aren't complaining!
06.20.14 - 2:14 AM

Via updates to the official website here, which included a Q&A section, more details regarding upcoming Nintendo 3DS Action RPG title Final Fantasy Explorers are now available.

The game itself is set to take place on the island of "Amostela", which surfaced after a sudden disruption occurred within the crystals housed inside of the planet. The island itself is ripe with these crystals, which explorers collect to further their own goals. However, the Summons of the world wish to protect the island and its resources in hopes of maintaining the balance of nature and preserving the planet.

Crystals themselves are the planet's life source, which can be seen flowing inside the crystal structures. This life force flows within all beings, but mankind has chosen to harvest the force to further develop themselves.

Explorers can look forward to using the above town, known as Libertus, as an initial base of operations. Along with being a primary quest hub, this location will also house an airship that can be used to travel about the world. If the screen above is any indication of how the questing will work, be prepared to seek out those exclamation points to get the most out of the game.

As an earlier leveling and question ground, the Regi Plains will showcase a giant crystal that is almost always visible. This "Grand Crystal" is credited with the origin of mankind, and helps them grow and develop.

Next up is the area known as the Hibato Volcano. This area houses what looks like the first Summon explorers will come across, Ifrit, and is known for its flowing magma and heat.

Following the information on these three areas, the Q&C section included some general information about the game that has been outlined in our prior article here. However, as far as new information, it was noted that jobs will play a crucial factor when it comes to partying. You'll also be tasked with completing quests as a specific job, so be sure to choose whichever job is most suitable to the quest at hand.

Make sure to stop by our updated gallery, linked below, for more screenshots of the game world, monsters, and starting jobs in action. Final Fantasy Explorers is still in development for the Nintendo 3DS at this time. We'll keep you updated as details emerge!