Liz Maas
Meet UnchainBlades ReXX's Characters
No, they do not all carry unchained blades and they're not all named Rex.
02.18.11 - 7:22 PM

A couple of days ago we introduced a new collaboration which will soon enough result into an upcoming portable RPG, UnchainBlades ReXX. You got a glimpse of two of the characters, but it's time to meet more of the cast thanks to Famitsu.

The main character, whom you saw in our previous article, is Fang, the dragon king who loses his powers thanks to the goddess Crunea and is forced to live as and look like a human. He still considers himself the king though and comes off as arrogant nonetheless. Fang was designed by pako of Shining Force fame. You also saw the phoenix princess Tiana, but there wasn't any info on her other than that she was seeking a rebirth. She is designed by Hariyuki Mirosawa (Dream Club). As it turns out, she loves dragons so much that she wishes to be reborn as one, and meets Fang on her journey to fulfill this interesting wish.

Nico, designed by Toshiyuki Koobuka (known for Idolmaster), is a member of the Ninetails race. And yes, Nico is female - just a very tomboyish one. Next we have Lapis by Suu Minazuki of Sora no Otoshimono fame, whose stare can turn you to stone not unlike Medusa. Oddly enough, even with this power, she is afraid of men.

Silvy is the creation of Someday's Dreamers designer Kumichi Yoshizuki. She is a Deathscythe in search of her brother, and described as a 'goody goody' despite how she dresses. Hector, designed by Summon Night's Shinichiro Otsuka, is a young golem prince whio fled his country after refusing to marry. He's had 100 fiancées.

The adorable Marie is a design of Sunaho Tobe (Hexyz Force). Little is known about her though, since she doesn't speak a whole lot and isn't exactly expressive, but she is supposed to be kind-hearted. Crunea, whom we mentioned briefly a few paragraphs ago, is a goddess who controls the world - she can work miracles and she'll grant wishes to humans, but only after they complete a test. Her designer is Kazushi Hagiwara of Bastard!!! fame.

Lastly, Titan is actually a dungeon (and there are a few Titans, in fact) that your party must go through. To regain his powers, Fang must get to and clear the lowest level here. This is his test as given by Crunea.

While we mentioned the 'unchain' system really briefly, Famitsu was a bit more indepth. Unchain is an in-battle command that allows you to try and convince the enemy monsters to 'follow' you (up to 16 monsters can follow your party into battle). The monsters should be weaker than you though in order for this to work. The 'follower' monsters will help you out with special attacks, and block you from getting attacked.

UnchainBlades ReXX is available in Japan on June 23rd, for both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable.