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Game of the Month May 2012: Diablo III
Every aspect of Diablo III has sparked intense discussion. The agonizingly long development time, the introduction of a more diverse color palette, an in-game real-money auction house, always-online requirement, and various post-release issues and commentary are all as frequently discussed as the core game itself.

And what a game it is. Taking the core click-click-clickery of the previous two games in the series and marrying it with a number of new and controversial design decisions (like removing much of the up-front character customization) was a bold move on Blizzard's part, but it has paid off. The moment-to-moment gameplay in Diablo III is fine-tuned, compelling, and (most importantly) addicting. There are various opinions regarding the features and systems surrounding the main gameplay itself, but it's hard to deny the enjoyability of the game Blizzard has created. Combat and looting are satisfying, and acquiiring new skills and runes is constantly rewarding to the player. The game's balance has been subject to constant tweaks both before and after release, and if the developer's track record is any indication, players can expect the balance to be honed for many years to come.

It's a controversial game, and anyone who followed it prior to release could have seen that coming. But the simple fact of the matter is, the core game is a sublimely polished and absolutely addicting iteration on this series, and you'd be hard-pressed not to mine many hours of enjoyment out of it. For that reason, we've decided to (belatedly) bestow upon it our Game of the Month award.

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