Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Studio Visit
By Mike Salbato

March 25, 2015 Square Enix has no shortage of games available on mobile devices, from full releases of classic games to bizarre wallpaper collections, and everything inbetween. There's certainly been some interesting gameplay that's come from their experimentation with this type of device, like the Chaos Rings series, the recent Heavenstrike Rivals, and the bizarrely-entertaining game/comic hybrid Imaginary Range.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is Square Enix's latest foray into the mobile gaming market, and has been a collaborative effort between the RPG giant and the mobile-centric DeNA. Record Keeper is a game that's heavy on delivering nostalgic gameplay and scenarios in a modern package. It's a promising and complicated thing to get right, especially using a free-to-play model. To learn more about the process behind the game, I spoke with key members of the development staff, from both Square Enix and DeNA. Read on to learn what Record Keeper is all about, from the people who built it.

Secondly, since I was already in Tokyo for all this, I had to visit some key locales in addition to the Square Enix and DeNA headquarters. So if you've never been to — or seen — Square Enix's Artnia cafe & store, I strongly advise you to check out my Photo Tour. Chocobo pancakes, yo!

Finally, there's my review of the game, so don't miss that!