Scott Clay
Week in Review, 4/28/2018
So what is your milestone RPG?
04.28.18 - 10:21 PM

Reaching a milestone in life is pretty awesome. That feeling of celebrating an accomplishment or a commitment can have a long-lasting impact on yourself and others. RPGFan hitting its milestone of 20 years inspired us to talk about milestone RPGs that impacted our gaming...and maybe even our lives. So we shared some of our milestone games, and if you want to share some of yours, you know where to find us on social media. This week we have news from Corey Hall, Keegan Lee and Gino DiGioia, and a review from Nicholas Ransbottom.

Feature by the RPGFan Staff

Milestones mean a lot to people, and they mean a lot to us as well. Some games do challenge the norm and create something that we have never seen before. The staff got together and thought of a bunch of games that were true milestone games, either in the industry or on a personal level. As for me, those RPGs would have to be Diablo 2 and Everquest, due to their online natures at a time when the internet was still not common in games.

Review by Nicholas Ransbottom

All good things come to an end, and this week we say goodbye to Nicholas Ransbottom as he moves on from RPGFan to pursue his dream. But before leaving, Nick wrote one last review for you all to enjoy; it's on the recent 3DS game The Alliance Alive. Make sure you wish Nick well if you catch him on social media, and enjoy his final review.

Alliance Alive Screenshot

Story by Keegan Lee

Woooo hoooo it's Golden Week! Ok, I won't deny it, I have no clue what Golden Week is, and I think no one outside of Japan actually celebrates it. That doesn't mean we can't rake in the benefits from it! There are a ton of games on sale on the PSN, so our fantastic news reporter Keegan Lee went through them all to find the RPGs on sale and list them for your convenience. And let me tell you, there are a ton of them. We hope you find some that you enjoy!

Story by Corey Hall

SaGa is a series that is often looked at as the weird stepchild of the Square Enix franchises. But for fans of the series, we just can't get enough of it and all its quirks and weirdness. SaGa: Scarlet Grace looks fantastic on a home console, and I cannot wait to finally get a new game in the series in the West. Hopefully this rerelease and Romancing SaGa 3 both get released over here as promised!

SaGa: Scarlet Grace Screenshot

Story by Gino DiGioia

The latest game from the creators of Danganronpa (or Dangit, Grandpa in certain circles of the Internet), Zanki Zero, is really shaping up to be an RPG worth keeping an eye on. Now you can see the latest trailer for the game, as well as meet some brand-new characters. Gino has the details for you.

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for the latest RPG news and reviews.