Gino DiGioia
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets a New Trailer
The Danganronpa vibes are really coming off now.
04.26.18 - 8:11 PM

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer introducing the eight survivors of humanity and their two "interesting" TV helpers. Included in this is a bunch of new artwork and a look at how characters look at different ages. Though all of this can be seen in the trailer too:

Here's a look at the character artwork and aging, featuring Editor of Sloth, Haruto and Girl of Original Sin, Sachika.

Editor of "Sloth": Haruto

Zanki Zero Haruto

Zanki Zero Haruto

The Child version seems to have a different design, though the old version is just them with different color hair. Sachika on the other hand...

Girl of "Original Sin": Sachika

Zanki Zero Sachika

Sachika doesn't seem to have an old form or really a child form, at least shown in the trailer or screenshots. Considering she is the odd one out of them, not being of a deadly sin, she is definitely one to keep an eye on. For a female example with noticeable age differences, let's use Rinko, the Florist of Lust.

Florist of "Lust": Rinko

Zanki Zero Rinko

Zanki Zero Rinko

Spike Chunsoft has also announced pre-order bonuses for Japan. People who pre-order the game can gain access to a "Special Soundtrack CD" featuring 15 background songs, a full Japanese version of the ending song, and a short English version of the ending song. They will also gain the "Survival Item Set" DLC which includes weapons and armor useful at the beginning of the game.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release on July 5th in Japan on PS4 and PSVita. It is also slated for a western release later this year on PS4 and PC. Check out our gallery for the rest of the character artwork. And check out our previous article for info on the game's characters and systems.