Gino DiGioia
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - The Complete Guide to Survival
There are really dumb ways to die in this game.
04.25.18 - 1:33 PM

There has been a lot of new information regarding Spike Chunsoft's new survival RPG Zanki Zero: Last Beginning since GDC, both about its characters and numerous ways to die. As a person who spend way too much time playing games, allow me to spend way too much time detailing everything you need to know about it. In case you need a primer, read our previous article on the game's premise.

Zanki Zero Area

Seven Sins, 10 Characters.

With eight characters based on the seven deadly sins that can reincarnate at will, you have a lot of options to play. Let's get to know our eight survivors and some help they have.

  • Haruto Higurashi - Editor of "Sloth": A man of common sense and seriousness. He can be a bit too serious at times, making him inflexible. He wishes to protect others with his truthful articles.

  • Ryo Mikajime - Artist of "Envy": A bright life of the party. He might look shallow, but hes a good guy who is well-liked by those around him.

  • Zen Kubota - Farmer of "Wrath": A farmer who works deep in the mountains, and knows more about survival than the average person. Contrary to his cute face, he's cynical and often makes fun of others.

  • Mamoru Ichiyo - Doctor of "Greed": A buff and muscular doctor. He's intellectual, peaceful, and a gentleman. Hes also easy-going. His favorite saying is "love."

  • Rinko Susukino - Florist of "Lust": A woman who works at a flower shop. Shes a kind and hard-working person, but can be a bit of a ditz at times. Shes also a bit of a cautious person.

  • Yuma Mashiro - Heiress of "Gluttony": The only-daughter of a big company boss. Exceptionally rich. She often does things at her own pace and has a cold attitude to go with it, and can be an elusive woman.

  • Minamo Setouchi - Officer of "Pride": A cheerful and lighthearted officer who is devoted to her family. She's a straightforward person with a strong sense of justice. She can also be meddlesome at times.

  • Sachika Hirasaka - Girl of "Original Sin": An innocent young girl, full of curiosity, with a thirst for knowledge. Due to her innocent behavior, she appears younger than she really is.

  • Sho Terashima: An assistant of the anime program "Extend TV" that will be used as a guide for the eight survivors. His role is the "boke" (funny man) for the program.

  • Mirai: The host of the anime program "Extend TV" that will be used as a guide for the eight survivors. Mirai's role is the tsukkomi (straight man) for the program.

Zanki Zero

Wait, how do we play and die...?

Well, it's less about how you die and more on how the game plays. Battles in Zanki Zero will take place in a first-person view format. Enemies attack in real time and you can dodge them by going left, right, or backwards. You can link attacks with allies by mashing on the attack button and do massive damage. There are also destructible parts in battle too. Every time one of your characters die, they will come back stronger. Not just in stats either; they will gain resistances that they wouldn't have before. For example, if you are killed by a certain monster, you will take less damage from that monster in the future.

A single lifespan lasts 13 days. 13 in-game days equal two real world hours, so lives go pretty fast. As your characters age, their voices will change slightly to reflect that. Besides combat and old age, there are other ways for characters to die. If they eat a food they're allergic too, they'll die. If they carry too many items, they will die. There is also a "Bowel Movement" status that could cause characters to have an accident if ignored. If it gets worse, it will become an "Offensive Odor" status that could increase the stress levels of others. If your stamina runs out, then your vitality will lower and die too. Don't worry, there are toilets at base... or you could use an empty bottle.

Zanki Zero

When a character dies by monster attack, their items will scatter in the current area. The game will end when all eight characters are killed. If a character dies as a young adult, they will stay as a young adult longer in their next life. Also, it's basically impossible to beat the game in 13 in-game days. If you are stuck in a part of a dungeon and are slowly dying, there are commands to return to base at any time too.

Cameo!? Who is it?

In the world of Zanki Zero, there exists a black and white bear that loves to inflict despair. That's right, Danganronpa's Monokuma will appear in the game as an optional enemy. By defeating him, you will gain a bunch of EXP and score. Though considering how he is, he won't be an easy opponent.


Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release on July 5th in Japan on PS4 and PSVita. It is also slated for a western release later this year on PS4 and PC. Check out our gallery for character portraits and more goodies.