Mike Salbato
Hylian Highlights Part 3: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda
Today we speak of many things, of Koloktos and Koholints, and cabbages and... wait, what?
04.22.18 - 7:17 PM

We're officially past the halfway point of our month-long Zelda feature now. So far we've covered some of our favorite dungeons, items, and more. Today, we're adding two more topics: Boss battles, and "overworlds," though in the case of the latter, we're talking about the entire land that a given Zelda title is set in.

Dig in now, and if you missed it, don't forget our third Zelda-themed episode of Retro Encounter also debuted last week.

Stick around, as we'll wrap things up with one more episode of Retro Encounter, and a final batch of articles next Sunday!

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