Michael Sollosi
Retro Encounter 132: What Is Zelda?
Baby don't hurt me / Don't hurt me / No more
04.19.18 - 8:09 PM

What is Zelda? Do we want a future Zelda game with Zelda playable? Do we like it in 2D or 3D? Is Zelda an RPG? Whatever you want it to be, of course, both, and surprisingly yes. This episode of Retro Encounter is a disorganized, open-ended discussion of Zelda tradition, Zelda weirdness, and what Zelda means to us.

From Link's past 2D adventures to his wild 3D future, we journey between worlds in this third episode of The Legend of Zelda month at Retro Encounter!

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Nathan Lee, Stephanie Sybydlo

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