Scott Clay
Week in Review, 4/21/2018
The wait for E3 begins.
04.22.18 - 12:21 AM

A pretty slow week for RPG news and such, but that's to be expected as we come closer to June and E3. Everyone is saving their juicy news for then, and rightfully so. I really couldn't imagine an E3 that didn't have all the important gaming news shoved into 3 days. Doesn't mean we still don't have a lot to give you this week: we have news stories from Mike Salbato and Peter Triezenberg, and reviews from Patrick Gann and Dave Yeager.

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Before there were your fancy mobile phone games, and even before the time of the Nintendo Game Boy, there were your simple handheld games like the Tiger handhelds and Game and Watch systems. It seems Kingdom Hearts III wants you to relive those days of classic handhelds with some cool minigames. It looks impressive, but I think the most important thing from this trailer was seeing the kids from Kingdom Hearts II back for another appearance.

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

We are getting closer and closer to Octopath Traveler's release date, and you know what that means! It means tons of new trailers and promotional material will start making its way online for our enjoyment. This new trailer gives us a first look at two more of the protagonists — Therion and H'aanit. I mean you can't have an RPG without a thief character. It's just not right.

Octopath Traveler Screenshot

Review by Dave Yeager

Are you looking to scratch that Elder Scrolls itch, but don't know just where to look? Or you love Elder Scrolls games but maybe find them a bit too easy? Well, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is looking to fill both of those roles in your life. The real question is...can it deliver on that promise? Check out Dave Yeager's review to find out.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Screenshot

Story by Mike Salbato

Hmm, what could this be from Bandai Namco? Is it that long-awaited HD collection of the Xenosaga games that people have been waiting for? Maybe it's only the third game getting a rerelease? Perhaps it's something new altogether. Tough to say, but an HD collection of the Xenosaga games would be pretty impressive, even if Xenosaga II is a bad game.

xenosaga iii

Review by Patrick Gann

Seiken Densetsu music is some of the best video game music out there, and it sounds even better when it's fully orchestrated. This beautiful 25th anniversary CD has some of the best tracks from across the franchise, played beautifully in orchestral arrangements. I am no music expert, but Patrick Gann is, and he has your full review of this amazing CD.

Seiken Densetsu III Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. Be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news and reviews.