Peter Triezenberg
Meet Two New Protagonists in the Latest Octopath Traveler Overview Trailer
So a thief and a hunter walk into a tavern...
04.18.18 - 3:19 PM

Square Enix has released a new overview trailer for their upcoming Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveler, and once again, this latest video introduces us to a pair of new playable characters: H'aanit and Therion. H'aanit is a hunter who can summon monsters to her aid, and Therion is a thief capable of stealing items in the field.

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The trailer also explains the concept of Noble and Rogue field commands (Therion's stealing qualifies as a Rogue action, while purchasing items from townspeople as the previously unveiled Trella is a Noble action). The player will also uncover various Sub Stories throughout their adventure.

Check out the video below, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more Octopath Traveler news.