Peter Triezenberg
New Xenoblade X Stream Shows Environments, Mech Combat, and More
But no release window, unfortunately. *sadface*
04.24.15 - 6:17 PM

For those of you who missed today's livestream on Xenoblade Chronicles X, we have all the juicy deets. And for those of you who watched it and are here anyway, greetings!

Nintendo began the broadcast with a video overview that showcased various aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles X that we may have heard before, but did offer some insight into how they will be localized. The five continents of Planet Mira are named Primordia (the initial continent), Noctilum (the Forest of Nightglow), Oblivia (the Valley of Oblivion), Sylvalum (the Continent of White Trees), and Cauldros (the aforementioned Continent of Black Steel).

xenoblade X stream mech skrell

Most interestingly, the giant mechs, formally known as "Dolls", have been dubbed "Skrells." An interesting change, to say the least, but not an altogether unwelcome one. The name "Skrell" could potentially derive from "exoskeleton," which would suit a giant robot quite nicely. In addition to seeing the benevolent Nopon and Manon alien species (and being introduced to a new character, El, a merchant who sells wares to the Nopon), we also learned the names of the vicious aliens out to get humanity- the Prone.

To help navigate this massive world, there exists the option to deploy a Nav Ball that will guide the way. There's also the option to pull the camera back to get a wider view of your surroundings. You can watch the entire video showcase below.

The Treehouse presentation itself provided a great deal of gameplay footage, as well as a few other interesting details. Most notably, we got an in-depth look at Skrell customization and combat in this presentation, as the Treehouse team took on a quest and battled enemies in their custom mech. The presentation also showed off something called "cockpit mode," a first-person view from inside the Skrell's cockpit that offered various advantages in battle.

xenoblade x mech skrell custom treehouse nintendo

The Treehouse crew ended the broadcast by repeating that Xenoblade Chronicles X will see a release later this year. The game is out in a few days in Japan, so it remains to be seen how long it will be until we get our hands on the game. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more Xenoblade Chronicles X news, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out editor Jesse Woo's preview of the game!