Peter Triezenberg
Nintendo Holding Xenoblade X Livestream for North America
As well as a brief look at the Black Steel Continent of Mira.
04.24.15 - 1:37 PM

Can you believe that Xenoblade Chronicles X is already out in Japan? Man, time sure flies... but don't be jealous, North American fans, as Nintendo just announced they will be holding a special Direct livestream for Xenoblade Chronicles X this Friday, on April 24th (today!). In addition, Nintendo's localization department will be hosting a special Treehouse Live presentation after the Direct where they play through some of the game. Could all this be leading to some sort of localization window? The anticipation!

xenoblade x nintendo direct

In other Xenoblade Chronicles X news, the game's official website, which you can find linked below, shares a look at one of the planet Mira's five continents, the Continent of Black Steel. This scorched, volcanic landscape is filled with molten lava and ferocious beasts, but there is also some rare plant life to be found. Intrepid explorers may find themselves rewarded with rare items, so strap on your most heat-resistant gear and get ready to rumble.

Continent of Black Steel

As always, we'll keep you posted on any and all information related to Xenoblade Chronicles X. Remember to tune in to Nintendo Direct to see what all the fuss is about!