Peter Triezenberg
Dissidia Final Fantasy May Feature Team Ninja Tech
The "Soft Engine" might add more... life to the new Dissidia game. Also, tutorials!
04.18.15 - 6:09 PM

With Team Ninja at work on the new Dissidia Final Fantasy game for arcades, fans have been very keen to know, would the studio's signature "Soft Engine" technology be utilized? It turns out that, while it may not have been implemented just yet, Team Ninja has been "actively suggesting" the possibility, and if there's a "strong demand" from fans, then who knows what could happen? I'm sure that Final Fantasy fans wouldn't want to miss out on any potential... features (okay, okay, I'll stop).

Moving right along, Square Enix also released a new tutorial video in preparation for Dissidia's first location test. Location tests are essentially demos or betas for arcade games, giving players a taste of what to expect. Take a look at the video below.

As previously reported, the arcade machines for Dissidia Final Fantasy feature the iconic PlayStation face buttons with shoulder buttons and dual sticks, along with a specialized button for summoning. There will also be some touch screen functionality that can be used at certain times, such as when navigating the main menu. The location test will include the six playable characters that have been revealed thus far- Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra, Cloud, Lightning, and Y'sholta. There are a pair of "Battle Sets" that provide alternate character builds, with Build A being recommended for beginners.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently in development for Japanese arcades, although the possibility of a console version has not been ruled out. We'll keep you posted on any updates right here at RPGFan.