Peter Triezenberg
Team Ninja Working on New Dissidia Final Fantasy
Will Ryu Hayabusa make a cameo? I don't know, but we do get Ramza, which is a million times better.
04.13.15 - 3:11 AM

We recently heard word of a new Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades, and how we have our first concrete details about the new game. Using the PlayStation 4 as its core system, the game is being developed by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, who know their stuff when it comes to fighting games. The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Atsushi Morita, mentioned that he wanted to bring the game to home consoles, but Square Enix clarified that it would remain arcade-exclusive for at least a year.

You can see the arcade cabinet above, complete with twin sticks and the four PlayStation buttons. A live demonstration, running at 60 FPS, was shown on stage, and a location test will begin in Japan on April 17th. Combat in the new Dissidia Final Fantasy will take the mechanics of the earlier Dissidia titles to the next level, featuring 3-on-3 battles and the back-and-forth of Brave and HP attacks. Special EX moves such as Terra's Trance form and Cloud's Limit Break will also be included, along with iconic support skills such as Protect. It looks as though the arcade version of Dissidia will be more team-based, which will be interesting to see.

There will also be summons, where each player has a summon gauge that can be built up. Once all players join in the incantation, a Summons Beast joins the battle. These Beasts are selectable and provide bonus abilities as long as they are in play. There will also be a dedicated smartphone app for unique character customization, although details on this are scarce as of this writing.

Takeo Kujiraoka, the game's director, says that the new Dissidia will have 14 playable characters, with more added as time goes on. Newly announced is Ramza, the hero of Final Fantasy Tactics, who will be making his long-overdue Dissidia debut alongside Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Terra Branford, Cloud Strife, Lightning, and Y'sholta.

Speaking of Y'sholta, another Dissidia newcomer, the white magic-using character from Final Fantasy XIV, she has her own character trailer that you can view below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy will be bringing the war between Harmony and Discord to Japanese arcades later this Fall.

NOTE: We originally reported that there would be 50 playable characters in Dissidia. Turns out this was an error- there will be 14 characters at launch, with the number of playable characters increasing to include 50 over time. We've updated the story to reflect this new information.