Jesse Woo
See Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade in Three New Videos
Prettiest arcade game I've ever seen.
04.13.15 - 6:42 PM

The Final Fantasy fighting game cross-over Dissidia Final Fantasy has a trio of new videos featuring both the cinematics and and gameplay footage. The first is a new extended trailer that introduces some of the characters and their fighting styles. It also shows fighting on the Midgar staged teased in earlier media.

Next we have the footage from a recent streaming event that demonstrates the game's explosive 3v3 combat.

The last video compares the game's graphics with its new PlayStation 4 architecture against its original TypeX arcade board hardware. The improvement is stark and impressive.

Finally, we have an update about the game's roster of characters. Although Japanese media had previously reported 50 characters available at launch, the actual number is 14 and it will be expanded over time to include 50.

Dissidia Final Fantasy comes to Japanese arcades this Fall.