Peter Triezenberg
Dissidia Director in Charge of Smartphone RPG Rampage Land Rankers
A new smartphone game courtesy of Square Enix is on the horizon.
04.16.15 - 12:54 AM

Don't get so caught up in the hype for the new arcade Dissidia Final Fantasy game that you ignore another project Square Enix is working on. Amidst all the announcements regarding new characters such as Ramza in the new Dissidia, it was revealed that artist Tetsuya Nomura and director Mitsunori Takashi (who had previously directed the PSP Dissidia games) are working on a brand new title called Rampage Land Rankers.

This new game, developed by HexaDrive, has a board game-esque structure in which players utilize cards to explore automatically generated dungeons. Treasure chests and other prizes can be found in order to strengthen a player's avatar, and there will be a system in place so information can be shared among other players in order to strategize.

We now also have the first trailer to share! Check it out below.

Rampage Land Rankers is coming to iPhone and Android this May in Japan.