Jesse Woo
Turn Up to 11 in Xenoblade Chronicles X with Overclock Gear
If you need that extra push over the cliff...
04.02.15 - 4:54 PM

After covering the basic flow of combat, we have new footage and information on Xenoblade Chronicles X's Overclock Gear function. Once you unlock the function, characters can enter Overclock Gear mode if they have accumulated 3000 TP. Doing so triggers quite a few benefits, foremost of which are the reduced cooldowns for recasting Arts and use of Triple Recast, basically a powered up versions of an Art. TP builds between fights, so you can save it up if you anticipate a tough enemy.

As you can see, entering Overclock Gear mode adds a new component to the combat UI. The Gear Counter in the middle will rise as you use either fighting or shooting arts consecutively. Raising the counter will grant effects like extending overclock mode, increased damage, or increased TP. In addition, notice how the counter changes color over time. These colors denote different buffs that take effect as the counter shifts through different colors. Some effects include increasing the counter number, increasing positional damage, HP recovery, and bonus EXP.

The hash marks to the right of the counter are the Gear Time, telling you how much time is left in Overclock Gear mode. When the bar empties Overclock Gear mode is over, although there are ways to extend the time. In addition to raising the Gear Counter, you can reactivate and extend Gear Time if you rack up an additional 3,000 TP while in Overclock Gear mode. Also, if another party member reaches 3,000 TP they can simultaneously activate the mode and create a special synergistic effect.

As we have reported before, using a particular company's weapons in combat will unlock bonuses from that company. Now director Koh Kojima has announced an additional perk, which is that the company's logo can be used to customize the BLADE home base in New Los Angeles. All in all there should be plenty of incentive for you to explore the planet Mira and take on all-comers.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out April 29th in Japan on the Wii U. North American and European releases are planned for later this year.