Scott Clay
Xenoblade Chronicles X Weapon Creation and Alien Race Details
If you want that shiny new weapon, then you better get a sponsor!
03.14.15 - 6:20 PM

Another update from Xenoblade Chronicles X's official website delves into the many different weapons that can be made from planet Mira's rare resources. At shopping distracts you will come across the Arms Company that sells and develops equipment for characters and Dolls.


There are other companies as well such as the Sakuraba Heavy Industry, Granada GG, and Meledes & Co. You can choose between which company you want to support, and by supporting them you will level them up. When a company levels up, you will be granted new gear that they can create, or better versions of older gear. They will also be able to create "Devices", which can be put into the empty slots in your equipment to power them up.

In order to level up these companies you can do a few different things. First off, you can simply offer them all-purpose minerals known as Miranium. Secondly, you can advertise for that company by using a company's weapon in combat to obtain commercial points. Lastly, you can simply request upgrades with the Affix Enhancement feature. This method requires you to offer a more varied amount of materials found throughout Mira. If you don't feel like leveling up the companies, you can just give the Arms Company rare materials, and they will create brand new equipment.

Speaking of things located on Mira, there are more then just humans inhabiting the planet. There are a plethora of different races that the vast planet. 3 of the more common that you will run across on your adventure will be the Nopon, the MaNon, and the Vaias.

The Nopon (left) are an indigenous species to Mira, and they travel around in caravans in order to sell merchandise. You might remember them from Xenoblade Chronicles. The MaNon (middle) are peaceful extraterrestrials with highly advanced technology. On the other hand, the Vaias (right) are very hostile toward humans, and are one of the many aggressive extraterrestrials on Planet Mira.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be coming to the Wii U in Japan on April 29th, and in North America and Europe at a later date.