Peter Triezenberg
New Job, Minigames, and Gameplay Footage for Bravely Second
First cats, then pastries... now chariots. What will they think of next?
03.27.15 - 4:26 PM

The new jobs to be introduced in Bravely Second have been... eccentric, to say the least. While I'm sure we'll all be satisfied to slay our enemies with the power of pastries and kitty cats, Square Enix has unveiled the newest job in a preview for this week's issue of Famitsu — the mighty Chariot.

While at this time there aren't any specifics as to how the class functions, it's rumored that the Chariot will specialize in physical attacks. The holder of the Chariot Asterisk is named Ku Fulin. The magazine also reveals the Asterisk holder for the Wizard job, named Ayame. We'll have more information for you as it becomes available, but for now, you can take a look at the image from Famitsu.

While we're on the subject of Bravely Second, Tomoya Asano and the development team released the second in a series of videos recapping the game's many features. Among them, we can see a couple of new dungeons, and the new plush-making minigame called Kapu Kapu Maker, or Chomper Maker in the English version. Creating rare plush dolls in this minigame will allow the player to purchase special BGM tracks, some of which can be used to change the music during the minigame. According to Asano, this minigame was designed to be stress-free, and can be done while the 3DS is in sleep mode.

Bravely Second will be out in Japan for 3DS on April 23rd.