Mike Salbato
New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden Cutscenes & Box Art
Mmm... animated cutscenes.
04.29.13 - 1:10 AM

Speaking of JRPG video, come look at a new one for Atlus' 3DS remake of Etrian Odyssey, New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden. The 3+ minute video shows plenty of gameplay, though perhaps the most enticing aspect is the animated cutscenes on display, which Atlus collaborated with Madhouse (Trigun, Ninja Scroll, Death Note) to create. Take a look:

We also added the game's spiffy and minimal box art to our gallery:

Box Art

Interestingly enough, like our most recent news story, New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden goes on sale in Japan on June 27th.