Liz Maas
Final Fantasy Type-0 Media Update
A look at Diablos, air combat, Moogles, characters, abilities and more!
10.03.11 - 4:29 PM

While we're waiting on news of Final Fantasy Type-0's western release, we may as well have a look at the latest batch of screens and artwork from Square Enix. Some of them cover topics previously talked about, like abilities and the latest minor characters to be introduced. But you'll also find a demonic-looking summon whom you'll remember as Diablos, the set of Moogles (collectively known as the Cranberry Knights), plus a look at air combat, the game's coliseum, and more.

Diablos' gravity ball acts like a barrier, can change in size, and will suck away HP from both allies and enemies.

Screen Screen
Screen Screen

As you might have guessed, the coliseum is just an area where you can partake in free battles. Mock Battle pits you against 20 enemies in a row which should grant you a nice amount of EXP and Phantoma. Secret Training actually lets your character gain EXP while your PSP is in sleep mode.

Screen Screen Screen

The airship battles take place when you square off against the huge Souryu dragons. You have a limited amount of time to shoot them with a magic cannon, but if they land on your ship it turns into a regular battle.

Screen Screen
Screen Screen

The real-time strategy battle screen looks pretty crowded here. This is the mode in which you'll receive orders from the Moogles as to what your objective is - defense, attack, and helping allies for example - and in some cases, you'll be able to win control of a base. From there you'll defend your territory, and/or move forward in an attempt to capture more territories from enemies.

Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen

For the rest of the screens (39 in total, plus 7 pieces of artwork), visit our gallery below. Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP releases in Japan on October 27th.