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Super Robot Wars 64 will feature quite a few more differrent things than previously thought.

One of the most original of these is the new 'combined attack'. While a few demos in the Super Robot Wars Collection Box showed multiple robots attacking an enemy at the same time, this was not actually possible during the game. However, now as long as all your robots are within 2 squares from each other, you will be able to perform a 'Combined Attack' on the enemy.

A few examples of this will be the Double Breast Fire (Mazinger Z + Great Mazinger), Triple Breast Fire (Mazinger Z + Great Mazinger + Grandizer), Triple Rocket Punch, a Double Beam attack from Mazinger Z and Getta Robo, and so on.

These new attacks aren't limited to Super Robots. Real Robots will be able to perform these as well. For example, you can do an Aura Cut from both sides by attacking with both Billvine and dunbine at the same time. You can also do combination attacks from anyone from the Shuffle Group (G Gundam) so God Gundam and Nobel Gundam can attack together as well.

The only requirement for these attacks seems to be that all units participating will need to have the same or almost the same attack. So if you were hoping for Funnel cover while Billvine closes in for the kill, you're out of luck for now.

Another new feature is the 'Partner Assist' system. If the person a pilot strongly feels about is right next to you, a heart symbol will appear on top of your unit and you'll receive a 30% increase to both your attack and defense stats while this is in effect. Of course, the feeling is not always mutual so only one unit may be affected instead of both. This may very well mean that a Camille/Four Combo be truly devastating, as well as powering up a few secondary level pilots useful.

Lastly. The Prologue scenario has been revealed for each of the 4 Original Characters that you can control and it's worthy of note that each is completely different from each other. This may very well mean that the story will be more Original than the previous games, which consisted of mixing all the anime series together, with a few Original scenarios near the end (except for SRWEX).

Super Robot Wars 64 has the potential to be one of the best SRW games ever. Let's hope Banpresto manages to pull it off....

Super Robot Wars 64 is expected to be released in October 99 for 7800 Yen. A 64GB pak is recomended.

Date Updated:
August 31st, 1999

Time Updated:
10:50 AM

WooJin Lee

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