Super Robot Wars 64 and Link Battler!

Super Robot Wars 64
Due: 10/1999
Price: 7800 Yen
70% Done

Remember how you complained about the mecha in Super Robot Wars F being only in 256 color? About the story being too rigid? The Mecha too small? Fear no more because Banpresto's SRW64 will sate everyone's appetite until a DC game comes out!

The Game takes place 8 years after Super Robot Wars 2 (which means it takes place about 4-5 years after Super Robot Wars F) and this time, it'll have our heroes against an empire only known as the 'Muge Zolbatoss' that attack the earth. Will our heroes be able to save this world again? Only you can decide.

SRW will feature units from 20 different series. These are:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Gundam ~Stardust Memory~
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Mobile Warrior G Gundam
New Mobile Chronicle Gundam Wing
Aura Shooter Dunbine
Blue Comet SPT Layzner
The Undeafeatable Daitaan 3
Mazinger Z
Great Majinzer
Getta Robo
Getta Robo G
UFO Robo Grandizer
Super Electric Robo Combattler V
Super Bestial God Dancougar
6 Gods Combined God Mars
Giant Robo ~The Day Earth Stood Still~

There are three big features that makes this game stand out from the previous incarnations. First are the High-Res Mechas. While all we had were limited color palettes (to keep the game's loading to a minimum) in the past, with N64's power, we now have the detailed Mechas that we all deserve! Goodbye pixelated mechas! The other major change are the 3D Battle Backgrounds. This means that the battles will play out a bit differently, since now the Robots will rush into the screen (Not Zooming) and the background will follow accordingly. Another change is the fact that the Mecha themselves are a lot bigger, with each one taking up most of the screen.. it's fair to say that the mecha are about 30-50% bigger than they used to be.

The fans of the series will also be happy to know that there are over 100 scenarios in this game and the game's story will divide over 10 times, which is sure to have you playing months after you first beat it.

Yet another new turn, the original characters each have their own Robot, and there is actually a story behind each one! Each male Character you may choose also has a rival that works for the opposing side. Here are the characters (Note: You can rename these characters if you wish)!

Blood Skywind
Super Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Earthgein

Blood hot blooded young man that is part of the resistance against the Muge Empire.

Gutz Fournious
Super Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Vairose

A Former Friend of Blood, they study the same form of fighting. Perhaps there's a reason why the 2 robots seem so similar....

Manami Hamill
Super Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Slim Rouge

As the daughter of the Hamill Family, Manmi joins the fight due to her hatred of the Muge Empire.

Aisha Richmond
Super Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Air Breath

With a family that has a long history with the Hamills, Aisha's Pride drives her to be at odds with Manami.

Arklight Blue
Real Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Sol de Far

A former part of the Guerrilas in the fight against Muge Zolbatoss, now works with resistance with the help of the mecha he stole from the Army.

Ellahy Shooterson
Real Robot Pilot
Pilot of:???

A part of the 'Specials', an elite of the army, is now bitter over the fact that Arklight had stolen the mecha that was meant for him.

Seline Menace
Real Robot Pilot
Pilot of: Sovereignist

With the death of her mother and the kidnapping of her father to the empire, Seline fights for revenge.

Rish Geuriswheel

Captain of the 'Specials' Team. An Ace pilot that is known as the 'Undead Man'.

Super Robot Wars Link Battler
Due: 10/ 1999
Price: 4500 Yen

What is interesting about SRW64 is that it can be used in conjunction with a gameboy game called Super Robot Wars Link Battler.

The Linkbattler is a 'Super Robot Wars Pokemon' of sorts. It allows you to Download the robots you have on the SRW game pak and battle it out among your friends. The experience and levels you gain from this is seperate from the N64 can upload any experience you gain in the Link Battler to give you an edge while playing.

By uploading the data, you won't gain any levels in the N64 version but you'll do more damage and you'll also be able to access the Anime Cut Scene that happens when a character does his best attack. For example, Shining Gundam will show a little scene with Domon doing his speech if you upload the Gameboy data.

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August 5th, 1999

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