Taylor Strumwasser
Reviews Editor


At RPGFan Since:
August 2018

Favorite Games/Series:
Persona, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Steel, Kingdom Hearts, Catherine, Utawarerumono, Danganronpa, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age, Dark Souls, Diablo, Last of Us, Soul Calibur, Batman: Arkham City, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Orcarina of Time, Mario Kart, Pokemon

Favorite Genres:
RPG/JRPG, visual novel, survival-horror, action-adventure, platforming, puzzle

Other Interests:
Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Programming, Anime, Horror Movies, Animated Comedy Series, Theme Songs, Sushi, Ramen, Avocados, Guacamole, Mochi, Donuts

About a year ago, I graduated from Caltech with a degree in Computer Science. While I develop apps and programs for a living, I mostly became interested in these fields because of my passion for video games. The very first game I played was when I was three. The game was called Claw, a difficult 2D side-scrolling platformer that revolves around a cat pirate's quest for a legendary treasure. Since playing this game, it has been my desire to learn everything there is to developing great video games on both a technical and creative level.

Video games are a huge part of my life. While my tastes may have changed since I first played as that cat pirate many years ago, my passion for video games has not. More than anything, I really love how they can create entirely new worlds. They always find a way to captivate me in a manner that cannot really be achieved by movies and books. Characters and stories are truly brought to life, and instead of watching as an idle bystander, I can participate as an integral part of the story. For those reasons, I am always looking for the next great game to play and recommend to others.

Aside from video games, I love to scuba dive and snorkel. Exploring the underwater world is one of my favorite hobbies because there's always so much to do and see. I especially love to night dive, which involves using an underwater torch as one's only source of light. It almost feels like exploring an unknown cave or region in a video game, and as a result, I find it both thrilling and exciting. Besides this and snorkeling, I also love to watch anime, comedy series, and horror movies. Whether it's seeking a thrill or having a good laugh, I really just like to have fun with the things that I do.