Sean Hutton
Media Editor


At RPGFan Since:
July 2013

Favorite Games/Series:
Dark Souls/Demons Souls, Tactics Ogre, Morrowind, Valkyrie Profile 1/2, Chrono Trigger, Ragnarok Online, almost any game from Level 5, and countless others.

Favorite Genres:
RPG, Adventure, Strategy, and TCGs.

Other Interests:
Programming, Digital Art, Tabletop/Board Games, Anime, Movies, and Japanese/Korean Culture.
I've been an RPGFan for as long as I can remember. My best friend and I would sit and watch his dad play RPGs for hours and hours when we were kids, we would just stare on in marvel of the intriguing characters and vast worlds. When we finally got our chance to play, we had no idea what most of the game features were, and I distinctly remember thinking that Final Fantasy IV (US: 2) was extremely difficult because we had such a hard time with all of the bosses and dungeons--we later discovered that this was because we had to "Equip" things in order to be strong enough to continue through the game.

Needless to say, I became accustomed at a very young age to playing games with a high difficulty curve, and still frequently impose self-enforced rules to make games more difficult. For example: I still use the rule of "no consumable items" in almost every RPG that I play. This eventually led to challenging games like Dark Souls being amongst my favorite of all time.

Aside from my passion for RPGs, I have a deep appreciation for art, especially anime. I have been known to hoard screenshots from anime-styled games, and anime shows in general. This also translates into my general attraction to cel-shaded games, something about it is just so appealing to the eye for me.

Following in Mike's footsteps, I fully intend to reinforce the notion that every living being that has not viewed the entirety of the Firefly TV series and the Serenity movie should drop everything and proceed directly to the nearest computer to change their lives by watching them. Seriously, it's all available on Amazon, this is your second warning, so go!