Pete Leavitt
Pete Leavitt
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At RPGFan Since:
October 2018

Terra, Sol System (0,0)

Favorite Games/Series:
Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, The Legend of Zelda, Elite, Dept. Heaven series, Driver, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Brothers in Arms, Quake 1, Chrono Trigger... the list goes on.

Favorite Genres:
Historical, cyberpunk, mech/mecha, general sci fi and fantasy.

Other Interests:
I'm a professional Barber and I love it, so that's an interest. I pretend to play guitar, I love karaoke, history, linguistics, sports (I'm here for RSL) and spending time with my family.

I was born in California and grew up in Southern Utah. I became a licensed barber in 2011 and soon after met my wife. We have three spectacularly talented and bright daughters.

I've been playing games my whole life, mostly flight sims as a kid, later FPS and strategy games.

When I was a teenager, I played contemporary games but I also got deep into game preservation. Through this abandonware treasure hunt I gained a profound appreciation for video game history and sparked a need to share some of these forgotten games with anyone who will listen, or to nobody. Thus Regulation Gaming, a blog I started with my best friend, was born thanks to his website building skills. Soon after, in 2018, I had the privilege of joining RPGFan.