Mitchell Mulroy
Mitchell Mulroy
News Editor


At RPGFan Since:
January 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Favorite Games/Series:
The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Demon's/Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Warcraft

Favorite Genres:
Adventure, Puzzle, RPG, visual novel

Other Interests:
Literature, Creative Writing, History, Philosophy, Comic Books, Tabletop role-playing

Hi, I'm Mitchell, Mitch for short. I've been hooked on games since my mom sat four-year old me down with "Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside!" She wanted me to stop bugging her to go outside and it worked (maybe a little too well). My first "real" game was The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap on the Game Boy and from there I was transfixed.

I've always loved the potential for storytelling within the medium, especially in RPGs. When I played WoW for the first time as an 8-year old the scale of the world and all the different races and classes available absolutely blew my young mind. I already had preconceptions about the adventures I'd be able to go on, no doubt influenced by the fantasy books I read and Lord of the Rings movie marathons. While the reality was different than the magical realm my young mind dreamed up, I was no less eager to dig into this new genre of role-playing games.

Aside from games I love to read. I'm open to any genre as long as its interesting. I love comics and will discuss them endlessly and will always be mad at the Spider-Man story "One More Day."

I'm ecstatic to find other like-minded people and discuss how the narrative of games can evolve and grow. After a fortunate series of events and recommendations, I joined RPGFan in 2019. I'm currently a Junior college student studying English with a Writing emphasis and a History double-major and I'm the Secretary of my school's History Club.