Jonathan Logan
Jonathan Logan
Reviews Editor

At RPGFan Since:
October 2018

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Favorite Games/Series:
Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island

Favorite Genres:
RPGs, Adventure, Metroidvania

Other Interests:
Acting, Singing, Cooking, Writing

Ever since my grandparents gave me a Nintendo Entertainment System on my fifth birthday, video games have played a central role in my life.

A passionate Nintendo fan, I played just about every NES and SNES game at my local video store throughout the '80s and '90s. RPGs weren't on my radar until I rented a game called Final Fantasy II (this was way back when Square couldn't count). Putting the cartridge in my SNES for the first time, it was like no video game I ever played. There were fleshed out characters! And a plot! And tons of spoony dialogue! From there, I started to play every RPG I could get my hands on, often faking sick when a big one came out so I could stay home from school. (I was "sick" for a whole week after my parents bought me Chrono Trigger. What luck!)

Discovering the narrative possibilities of RPGs was like a gateway drug. I started looking for more story-heavy games and hit the jackpot when I bought the LucasArts Archive Vol. 1. It included Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, and Sam & Max: Hit the Road. Suddenly, the entire adventure game genre on PC opened up to me! I've been a passionate player of them ever since.

I am absolutely fascinated by video game history, having read pretty much every book I could find on the subject. Outside of video games, I'm a copywriter and playwright and have a Masters of Music Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (a degree only slightly less useful than it sounds). Singing is a huge part of who I am and, although I no longer do it professionally, it still makes me happy!

I am the world's worst baker (I somehow once lit a cookie on fire), a semi-decent cook, and a passionate follower of politics. I'm a huge fan of Marvel and DC comics, Doctor Who, and will forever hold up Back to the Future as one of the greatest movies ever made (and sadly can't say the same about the games.)