Des Miller
Des Miller
Reviews Editor

At RPGFan Since:
April 2020

Seattle, WA, USA

Favorite Games/Series:
Valkyrie Profile, Atelier, Fatal Frame, Monster Hunter, Kuon, NieR: Automata, Final Fantasy, Tetris Attack, Shadow Hearts, Bloodborne, Guilty Gear

Favorite Genres:
RPG, Horror, Action/Adventure, Fighting

Other Interests:
Writing, horror, music, graphic design

I've been wandering the gaming world since I was a child. I grew up getting the crap kicked out of me by my older sister in Street Fighter II. I took turns running from the police with my mom in Driver. I tore through castles stomping Koopas with my little sister in Super Mario World. Finally, I can't even begin to count the hours upon hours spent in endurance races with my brother in Gran Turismo 2. We were close and we all loved to game together. Yet, no one in my family played RPGs much at all (likely due to their single-player nature) until my mom bought my little sister and I each Game Boy Color along with Pokémon Red and Blue.

That gift introduced me to an entirely new genre that would eventually consume the majority of my gaming time. Thus, I scrounged up whatever money I could as a kid and dove headfirst into the genre, trying my hand at the various Squaresoft titles I could find in town. Final Fantasy VII, VII, and IX captured my mind while Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears captured my heart. I spread out and tackled as many games as I could from various developers and publishers, though it quickly became expensive. Sadly, I couldn't buy everything that caught my eye. Still, I managed to find many favorites that I still love re-visiting to this day.

RPGs were a bit of a revelation for me. Games were suddenly more than just toys to kill time with or things to keep you occupied. They could have deep, emotional stories while also challenging the player with compelling gameplay, puzzles, mysteries, and more. There was so much creativity to be found in games and I felt like RPGs took it one step further for me. I loved the grim and dark tear-jerking games like Valkyrie Profile while also adoring the whimsical chaos of slice-of-life games such as Atelier.

When I'm not playing RPGs, I can usually be found playing a horror game in the dark. Some of my favorite games of all time are in the survival horror genre, tied closely with the many RPGs I love. The only thing better than these two things on their own is a lovely mixture of the two worlds. So, naturally, I'm a big fan of Parasite Eve, Shadow Hearts, Bloodborne, and even Koudelka. When it comes to games, I want them to make me feel something: be it a cheer and a grin from a hard fought victory against a terrifying enemy, a confident smirk after a cleverly devised strategy routs an army, or that blissful eureka moment obtained after creating a hyper-efficient alchemy loop that lets one break the game wide open.

Outside of the world of games however, I love to write fiction. I've been crafting characters and worlds for years and I hope to one day let others experience my works in both book and game form. I dream of creating a huge connected universe mixing myriad genres together. Aside from that, I love rainy days and gloomy weather which makes Seattle the perfect place for someone like me. A cozy blanket, a white chocolate raspberry mocha, and a Junji Ito manga along with some stormy weather sounds like the perfect afternoon to me. To top it all off, I'm excited to work with the people here at RPGFan and hope my thoughts and experiences will resonate with others.