Davis Arend
News Contributor


At RPGFan Since:
February 2017

Favorite Games/Series:
Xenogears, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Drakengard 1-2, Xenosaga Trilogy, Final Fantasy Series (I love every single entry, no exceptions), Rogue Galaxy, Ni no Kuni, SoulCalibur, Tenchu, Metal Gear Series, Digimon Story and World games, Kingdom Hearts, Team ICO Trilogy, The Legend of Dragoon, Uncharted Series, The Last of Us, Super Metroid & Prime, Chrono Games, Valkyrie Profile Series, Valkyria Chronicles, Parasite Eve 1, StarCraft 1, Suikoden, Breath of Fire Series, Armored Core, Front Mission, Star Ocean 1-4 (SO5 what happened?) and the list goes on and on.

Favorite Genres:
RPGs, Adventure, and Stealth games

RPGs have been part of my life ever since the first time I played Chrono Trigger, and once you play a game like that there is really no going back. I am essentially married to the genre as I met my wife thanks to it: if she hadn't been using a Final Fantasy X wallpaper I am sure we wouldn't be together.

We have a tradition in my family, and that is to name all of our pets after a JRPG character. So far we have a Sephiroth, Fang, and Irvine (this last one should have been called Kefka). On that note, my son's name is Oliver, a name my wife chose after the main character in Ni no Kuni.

I worked as a Data Manager for a multinational company for many years. I am currently majoring systems integration engineering, but took a break from it all to spend more time with my family and my hobby.

I enjoy writing and gaming as they both bring me some kind of comfort. Leaving the real world for a couple of hours, even minutes, can be a very relaxing experience and to that purpose, no genre does it better than RPGs. If you think about it, it's kind of crazy, one second you are a regular Joe paying the bills and then next second you are a soldier fighting for his kingdom.

Writing is not all too different when you are sitting down in front of your computer putting together an article or creating a story, you are no longer in the office you are somewhere else; it could be a world of memories or a realm of fantasy, the possibilities are endless.

I have been covering gaming news for a while now but only on social media channels, so being here on RPGFan and writing stories focused on my favorite genre is going to be a very satisfying experience and I hope you all enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing it.