Davi Tesnovich
Retro Encounter Co-Host


At RPGFan Since:
November 2014

Favorite Games/Series:
Brandish, Souls series, Etrian Odyssey series, Tales of series, Valdis Story, Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona series, Resonance of Fate, King's Field series, Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue series, Megaman X series, Legend of Mana, Xeno series, Xenoblade, Shadow Hearts series, Front Mission: Gun Hazard, Virtue's Last Reward series, Ever 17, and so many more...

Favorite Genres:
I play nearly everything, but I especially focus on platformers, RPGs, character action games, visual novels, fighting games, and dungeon crawlers.

Other Interests:
Playing music, exercising, watching anime, attending anime conventions, pretending to be way cooler than I am, also being really super cool
Literally as far back as I can remember I've been playing video games; my oldest memory is of playing Dragon Warrior before I knew how to read. Growing up I was fortunate enough to play classics like Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana. I got to see the way games and their music could affect me, and the way they helped me connect with others. From Legend of Dragoon sleepovers to Guilty Gear tournaments video games have been a constant in my life, giving me unique experiences that have helped shape who I am today.

Music as a whole has been pretty good to me as well. I spent years covering Japanese rock songs at anime conventions and rearranging video game tunes to jam in garages. Even today, when I pick up a guitar I'm just as likely to play Yasunori Mitsuda's Radical Dreamers or Dir en grey's Yokan. I've been lucky enough to have a few friends indulge me along the way, and that fellowship has been a constant motivation to push myself forward in my passions.

That's what brings me to RPGFan. I want to help like-minded people form connections, discover things they can fall in love with, and feel a little less alone in their esoteric tastes. If I can help curate the world that has taken me in, helped me grow, and provided me with countless invaluable memories, well, I don't think there'd be anything more satisfying.