Cheston Alan Axton
News Contributor


At RPGFan Since:
August 2015

Favorite Games/Series:
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, Persona, Parasite Eve, Arkham series, Odin Sphere
My name is Cheston, and I have been a writer/gamer for most of my life. I started both of these when I was about five, and from there it grew. I didn't take my writing seriously until I started college, and now I write almost every day in some format. I am currently an English major at Northeast State Community College. I plan on getting my doctorate, and hopefully a career in journalism. I would also like to publish a few books along the way.

Pertaining to gaming, I have always found myself drawn to the world of fantasy. Early on, I enjoyed Crystalis, Final Fantasy, and both Zelda games for the NES. The appeal for new and imaginative worlds flourished more with titles like Metroid and Secret of Evermore. Right now I tend to lean towards game like Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Persona, and Parasite Eve, but I enjoy almost all kinds of RPGs. I cannot exactly say what my favorite title would be, simply because there are too many that I enjoyed over the course of my gaming career.

I have a nine year old daughter, and she is not much of a gamer. She mostly enjoys anything Mario. She is very creative and energetic. We both live in Tennessee around the northeastern mountains. It is very beautiful here, and is especially beautiful during the fall.