Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

Publisher: Eidos Developer: Ion Storm
Previewer: Bahamut Expected Release: February 26, 2002

Deus Ex took the world by storm last year, revolutionizing PC gaming. Warren Spector’s latest achievement earned him numerous awards from many different publications. Now, the game that wowed PC gamers back in June of 2001 is looking to take PS2 owners by force in March.

Deus Ex is revolutionary in its ability to meld several specific game genres together in a near-perfect package. The game brings together the most traditional elements of RPG gameplay with the fast paced action of an intense first person shooter. The plot is bar none, touching upon aspects of conspiracy with a science fiction touch.

Gamers assume the role of JC Denton, a cybernetic government operative whose initial role in crushing what seems to be an unruly faction turns out to be more than what he thought. Government manipulations, conspiracies, secrets, they’re all here, and the multiple paths and endings will keep gamers on edge the entire ride.

The game offers more than standard “shoot ‘em up” fare found in most first person shooters. There are different mission objectives, and running in guns blazing is usually the least appealing option. Elements such as character abilities and attributes allow gamers to customize their character to a specific style. Gaining experience allows gamers to adjust abilities like healing, weapon usage, or melee effectiveness.

The PS2 port of this popular PC game is said to include everything the original PC game had. The graphics are said to get a minor facelift, most noticeably the character models. The lack of anti-aliasing is still apparent, so PS2 owners will have to deal with jaggies.

The touchiest issue concerning the release of Deus Ex: Conspiracy Theory was the control. How would the PS2 controller stack up against the mouse and keyboard combo, which is widely agreed on as the best control for any FPS? Warren Spector himself is working on the control, and hopefully the only thing that could possibly hinder such an excellent game will be perfected upon release.

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy has been delayed numerous times, but PS2 owners will hopefully be able to dive knee-deep into conspiracies in late March.


Heavy weapons aren't always the best way to solve problems...

...though they certainly do help.