The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
E3 2012: First Impressions
Kimberley Wallace Kimberley Wallace

PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Focus Home Interactive


Graphic Adventure

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US September 2012

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The man with the top hat and his sidekick are back on the case!
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Will friends become enemies?
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Inspecting dead bodies is all a part of the job.
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Can you stomach the brutual crime scenes?
"It really captures the essence of being a detective and tests your eye for detail."

Are you ready to experience the dark side of Sherlock Holmes? For what seems like forever, we've invested our faith in the man with a love for logic and top hats, but The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is ready to challenge that. See, in this mystery, Sherlock is the suspect in a case of theft and fraud. Even his emotionally-ruled right hand man Doctor Watson questions his longtime friend. It probably doesn't help that Sherlock's solution to all of his persecutors is to flee from Scotland Yard. This is Holmes we're talking about; of course, he has a reason, or so we hope...

Unfortunately, when Holmes arrives at his new destination, he walks right into a murder scene, where a Bishop was brutally murdered. Holmes quickly goes into investigation mode, and this is where we take the reigns in this point and click adventure. Just a warning, we're going to get up close and personal with dead bodies, and the visuals aren't exactly tame. For instance, take the severely tortured Bishop; his finger is on the floor, pieces of his skin are torn off, and fire engine red burns roar up his legs. Let's just say The Testament of Sherlock Holmes isn't for the faint of heart. It is, however, perfect for those who have an eye for detail.

During the game, you're on the hunt for those well-hidden clues. And the investigation goes beyond just clicking. Expect to use items like a tape measure for precision, or a magnifying glass to zoom in on intricate details. Be prepared to prove you understand what's going on, as you’re randomly quizzed about what the evidence means in the grander scheme of things. There's even a specific menu to test out your deduction skills – all the facts are listed about the case, and if you draw the right conclusions, you're rewarded with new revelations.

The real interactivity begins, though, when you pop by Sherlock and Watson's pad to analyze all your clues. As you place items on your desk, you have options to uncover more about them. For instance, you can clean blood off an item to reveal a hidden message, or look at the residue under a fingernail for insight into a victim's last moments. It really captures the essence of being a detective and tests your eye for detail.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes also has plenty to keep you entertained. You have the ability to control not only Sherlock, but also his sidekick Watson. There's another little bonus – you can control their dog, Toby, who can get into areas humans can’t. Sherlock enthusiasts may be disappointed to hear that these adventures are not entirely following the books, but there's a good reason - the developers are looking to offer up a unique twist on the story. How else can they completely blindside you if you know what's coming?

With over 60 puzzles, 20 locations to visit, and 60 characters to interact with, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes sure gives you a lot of reasons to get clicking. Not to mention, who can resist donning the role of one of the greatest fictional detectives ever? The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is set for a September release. An eerie chill awaits us, as we watch our beloved detective step into a gray area; for once, we may not be rooting for Sherlock...

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