Coming This Week, 12/23/19

The little holiday game flood.

12.23.19 - 9:29 PM
written by Hilary Andreff

Hello, all! Welcome back for the latest in Coming This Week. As the end of the year approaches, it's a relatively quiet week in terms of releases. But hey, that gives us all time to catch up actually playing games and following the latest news. I know that's good for us, as we're hard at work on our yearly features reviewing the year's best games and the most anticipated for next year. Keep an eye out for those, and in the meantime let's see what we have for this week!

Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper Screenshot

Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper - December 24th (Switch)

Nothing makes me feel warm and cozy like old-school (almost tabletop) RPG mechanics and the look of ink on paper. Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper meets both these criteria and is out tomorrow for Switch! It originally released this summer on Steam, but if you ask me, it's a perfect candidate to maybe be included in the Christmas Eve book flood tradition. (I know it's procedurally generated, but maybe there's still a lot of the ink style, ha.)

Vestaria Saga Screenshot

Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions - December 27th (Windows)

In case you can't get enough SRPGs, we have you covered with the upcoming Vestaria Saga. This game has been in progress for a while now, dating back to 2015, so it's exciting to see it come to fruition. Especially true since it started as a labor of love intended to be like classic Fire Emblem without a giant budget. Thwart an evil empire and discover what's really going on among the various nations on the 27th.

Hope everyone has had an excellent week, a good week to come, and we'll see you next time! Be sure to follow the main RPGFan page for continuing RPG coverage.

Hilary Andreff