Shark-Themed RPG Maneater Arrives in 2020

Live and fight as a shark in the new action-RPG.

12.22.19 - 12:52 AM
written by Kim Key

Eat, explore and evolve as the apex predator of the sea in Maneater, a new "ShARkPG" from Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver, Inc. The action-RPG lets players live as a shark and discover a range of underwater environments, all while terrorizing hapless humans wherever they go.

Check out the latest game trailer featured on the 2019 Game Awards show:

In the single-player game, players start their lives a baby bull shark. Using just their wits, jaws, and ability to evolve, the baby sharks will eventually turn into the ultimate killing machines, spreading blood and fear from beach resorts out to the deep blue sea.

A special offer is available to players who pre-order the game with participating retail partners: the Tiger Shark Adaptation. The tiger shark is apparently called "Garbage Can of the Ocean," and fittingly, the Tiger Shark Adaptation allows baby sharks to digest almost everything in the game, making it easier to get vital nutrients and evolve faster.

The game is scheduled to launch on May 22, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game will come to Nintendo Switch later in 2020.

Kim Key
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